How to setup Glue Records when creating a domain and sub-domain delegation in Windows servers

These records are added to a domain to create a pointer from a non to an authoritative DNS server that hosts the original copies.  Glue record acts as a referral adviser to a zone or domain that has received DNS queries from another place.  For instance, when a zone gets DNS queries, it checks them against all hosted resource records. If there is no answer, the implementation of Delegation and Glue Records enables the zone to give exact position of the records, i.e. domain or sub-domain.

Zone =, Domain = and Sub-domain = This is an example of contiguous domain namespace


  • Two DNS servers, comput01 and Comput10
  • Zone and domain hosted in Comput01
  • Sub-domain hosted in Comput10
  • Domain is setup to delegate authority to sub-domain

Info. required after a delegation has been setup between domain and sub-domain

Adding Name Server (NS) of a Sub-domain to DNS zone to create glue records

Name Server  (NS)
Host record (A, AAA) + IP address

Adding Name Server (NS) of a domain to Sub-domain to create glue records

Name Server  (NS)
Host record (A, AAA) comput01.  + IP address

Implementation of delegation between Domain and Sub-domain


  • Create a Zone. In this instance,
  • Edit Name Server (NS) of Zone
  • Create Forward and Reverse Lookup Zones for the zone
  • Create a Domain in the zone, in this case,
  • Edit Name Server (NS) of domain


  • Create a Sub-Domain. In this instance,
  •  Edit  Name Server (NS) of the Sub-domain
  • Create Forward and reverse lookup Zones for the Sub-Domain

To Implement delegation between Sub-domain and domain hosted in server-1

  • Right click
  • Click New Delegation
  • Click Next
  • Type in Sub-domain, in this case
  • Click Next
  • Enter FQDN of sub-domain:  and server-2 IP address
  • Click inside box , green  indicates success
  • Click OK
  • Click Next
  • Click Ok or Finish

To create a glue record of sub-domain in a zone hosted by Server-1

  • Create a Name Server and host record of sub-domain in created Zone. In this case, and server-2 IP address.

Repeat by creating a host record and Name Server of delegated sub-domain in DNS server-2 but enter server-1 IP address

To check successful creation of Glue records in sub domain

  • Right-click Name Server (NS) of the domain created in Zone
  • Click Properties
  • Click Name Server of Domain
  • Click Remove
  • Click Apply, A pop up dialog box appears
  • Examine glue
  • Click OK

Glue record must be setup between a domain and sub-domain. Note that Green symbols are NOT present in the glue record procedure.

Sub-domain Alternative DNS IP address must be married with one hosting the domain and in reverse. The preferred DNS IP address is setup with its own individually assigned address.

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