Cisco Packet Tracer Configuration; Simulation for Frame Relay Cloud

The frame relay cloud is owned and manages by a Frame relay service provider and it is not the responsibility of a corporation.

To aid implementation Cisco provides a simulation tool packet tracer for engineers.

Frame relay cloud interface is DCE and connected with a DTE router interface on the edge of a corporate network.

How physical and point to point interfaces is configured using frame relay cloud on a packet tracer.

NOTA BENE if the cloud has interface (not empty) do:

  • Click WAN emulation and select a cloud
  • Click or double click on cloud WAN emulation to open a dialogue window.
  • Click on the Config section and implement both the interface and frame-relay options.
  • Configure the Frame relay connected interface with the correct DLCI and Name 

This will allow you to simulate and test it theoretically before live implementation.

When WAN Packet Tracer Emulation is Empty, which means the frame cloud lacks a connective serial interface or requires extra interfaceYou will need to carry out the following:

  • Shutdown the cloud
  • Click on PT CLOUD NM-1S and move it to the empty port space in Physical Device View.
  • Power on the cloud after adding port interface

First step

How to configure the frame relay interface:

Cisco Packet Trace configured the Frame relay connected interface with the correct DLCI and name

The frame relay cloud is configured by creating a link between the interfaces connected to the edge router; in the connection that we are using, the frame-relay configuration will be:

Serial 1 FRANCE <-> Serial 0 NEWYORK
Serial 2 FRANCE <-> Serial 0 LONDON
Serial 2 NEWYORK <-> Serial1 LONDON

Second step

To implement frame relay ports and links:

Configured the frame relay ports and link  in a Cisco Packet Tracer

Test Frame-relay connection by using ping command to verify that communication between computers is active.

An example of ping command between NEWYORK and LONDONHQ routers:

connectivity verification between computer in FRANCE and NEWYORK using Ping command

A further example between FRANCE and NEWYORK is:

connectivity verification between computer in FRANCE and NEWYORK using Ping command


It is good practice to configure the entire network first (IP address, naming etc) before implementing Frame Relay protocol.

It’s advisable to carry out frame implantation last of all in case the network is faulty.

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